About the NPA

The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) is a professional trade organization working to serve and protect independent qualified pawnbrokers since 1987. Advocating for the pawn industry at a national level, the NPA works to advance the positive and professional image of the pawn industry throughout North America and beyond. The NPA provides a powerful unified voice for the pawn industry and the communities it aspires to serve.

Who We Are

The NPA provides education, tools, resources, and networking opportunities to members and advocates of the pawn industry. The NPA holds the largest convention and tradeshow supporting pawnbrokers worldwide, bringing industry professionals together annually.


Led by a volunteer Board of Directors, the NPA is comprised of ten active committees working to support every area of the organization. The Government Relations Committee (GRC) works 24/7, 365 days a year to protect and serve the pawn industry. For over twenty years, the NPA is the only national association employing qualified professionals, legal counsel and a lobbying firm in Washington, DC in this effort to protect and serve.


As a non-profit trade association, the NPA relies on financial support from members and Industry Partners at both the state and federal level. This financial support ensures the NPA continue its work supporting pawnbrokers, their businesses and families.