How Upstate Coin & Gold Can Help You Grow Your Business


Upstate Coin & Gold is one of the country’s major wholesaling coin and bullion companies. Our company is a highly respected and very well-known organization in the industry. Our constant need for inventory, ever-expanding customer base, and significant capital reserves makes us a valued partner for pawnbrokers needing fair, honest dealings, and streamlined, fast funds. With our receiving facilities located in both New York and Colorado, we are convenient, regardless of your location.


There are several areas where our resources can be of significant benefit to you. Whether it is trading of bullion and coin products, scrap purchasing or refining, we are here to help build your business.


Trading Bullion and Coin Products:

Many pawnbrokers probably already trade in gold and silver. If you do not already trade in this sector, it can prove to be very profitable for your company to expand into metals. Your customers frequently come to you with coins and bullion to sell. There are four important skills to trading in bullion and coins: identification, grading, buying, and selling. Learning to successfully buy and sell coins and bullion is a rewarding experience that can help grow your profits and volume monumentally. Identification of precious metal products and rare coins is not as simple as deciphering what is inscribed on a coin or bar. But many pawnbrokers have made the mistake of buying some world coins that may be marked as gold, and use the wrong purity or weight based on what a customer says.


When in doubt, use a precious metals tester, we recommend the one manufactured by Sigma Metalytics, to confirm purities and metal content for all products. While the machines are not infallible, along with experience they can provide a strong level of assurance. Understanding which products to melt after purchase versus trying to sell to other precious metals dealers is an important factor in profitability. Unless damaged or harshly cleaned, many foreign bullion and vintage gold coins generally trade at levels above what a refiner would pay to melt the coin. Also be aware that home-made bars of smelted gold or silver are not accepted in the marketplace and will be heavily discounted.


For any rare coins, the website for the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) offers grading information at their PhotoGrade section. ( photograde). For any valuable coins, it is always prudent to go to an expert to determine values. Upstate Coin & Gold will be happy to assist you. Upstate Coin & Gold offers you a host of important tools for determining what you are buying and for ensuring that you are paying the right price.


Upstate’s Daily Wholesale Price Sheet: This extremely helpful daily sheet of buy/ sell prices is sent to thousands of dealers every business day. It gives our Buy and Sell indications on all of the most common products traded every day in the market. From Junk Silver to Sterling Flatware to every type of bullion item imaginable to PCGS/NGC graded Morgan Silver Dollars where we are market makers in all of the most commonly traded items.


Upstate’s Daily Wholesale Pre-33 Gold Sheet: This daily sheet lists all major types of Pre-1933 US Gold coins and displays Buy/Sell indications for both raw and certified US Gold Coins in all of the most popular grades. It also includes buy prices for Carson City GSA dollars in their government holders. Upstate’s Precious Metals Reference Guide Wall Poster: When world bullion coins are offered to you, our very handy Upstate Coin & Gold Precious Metals Reference Guide wall poster is an extremely useful tool that provides a photograph, a brief history of the item, and the weight and fineness of most popular Gold and Silver bullion products so you can understand what you are being offered by your customers and can make successful offers to buy these items. These posters look great on your wall and are available on our PlatformGold™.

PlatformGold™ is Upstate Coin & Gold’s 24/7 trading platform where you can buy or sell more than 1,700 different products 24/7/365. SPOT Prices change on PlatformGold™ every 5 seconds when the market is open. The TRADE link allows you to not only view LIVE Bid and Ask Prices for all of the products we are trading in, but you can actually Buy from or Sell to us at the prices indicated. All pricing is LIVE and continues to change while the market is open, or you click the EXECUTE TRADE button which locks in the prices shown.


If you are selling items to us and you are buying items from us as well, we have a mechanism in place to be able to “net” those trades if that is more convenient to you and your cash flow.


And you can also take advantage of our ShipSecure™ system which uses Upstate’s discounted UPS shipping software, which is fully insured once UPS has picked up your packages, to save you even more. And the shipping costs can be deducted from your sales total so there are no upfront shipping costs. Upstate makes it easy to sell your coins, bullion, and scrap to us.

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